Using LAN-USB with IOW56

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Using LAN-USB with IOW56

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Dear readers,
For some of our projects we need to put our hardware containing an IOW56 (V1.0.0.2R) on a other location then the PC in charge of controlling it.
So we have to extend USB connection behind it limitations.

A nice option is using a LAN USB converter, also because the already exsisting LAN network at both PC and IOW56 hardware location.
However I face some problems doing so...

We're using a LAN-USB converter type NCNU-H04 by Rextron and their xtraPort driver and software.
This is working fine for quite some devices like USB harddisk, USB flashdisk, mouse, keyboard and also several types of Onset Hobo dataloggers.
When I'm connecting my IOW56 hardware, IOW56 becomes visible as a windows device on the PC.
When I start the All-In-One tool I got the IOW56 info including serialnumber > all fine until now

When I now try to set an IO port, All-in-one is crashing, and after start it again I dont have a good connection with the IOW56 (serialnumber does not come, displating SN:-------- instead)

The fact the LAN-USB if working perfect with several devices expect IOW56 makes me wonder if the problem could be there???

Any suggestion is welcome,


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Re: Using LAN-USB with IOW56

Post by Guido Körber »

This is definitely a driver problem with the USB extender. We have some experienvce with this kind of device and compatibility always depends on the driver for the extender.

Actually this is not really an extender, it is a remote host controller. If the host controller driver is properly implemented there are no issues with any kind of device, unless there is a latency problem, which schould not be the issue with the IO-Warrior.

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