ARM Linux and IOWarrior

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ARM Linux and IOWarrior

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I want to use a Gnublin Board ( Embedded Debian ARM System ) with the IOWarriorn Series.
The Board has a ARM CPU, Crosstoolchain etc are working.
What do I need to do to get the iowarrior module and the libiowkit up and running

Thanks for any advice on how to do things in generall


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Re: ARM Linux and IOWarrior

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Did you have an IO-Warrior?
First you could check that the IO-Warrior will be found by the Debian (run "lsusb").
And check for the iowarrior module itself is installed (I think "modinfo iowarrior" command)

Since Linux Kernel 2.6 the IO-Warrior module will be included (for desktop systems).
We have not checked for ARM Systems because there are too many different devices.

We will go on the electronica next week so I have no time to check this befor 20.11.2012 and I have no hardware with ARM system at the moment.
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