IOW40 V1.0.2 1R boot delay with UEFI bios

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IOW40 V1.0.2 1R boot delay with UEFI bios

Post by ddfrancesco »

We are using IOW40 on HP Compaq 8300elite Pc with UEFI bios and Windows 7 x32 Ultimate.
If we boot the pc connected with the card where is used IOW40, Windows 7 needs 4.5 min to Startup and is not possible to use the keyboard.
If we unplug the USB cable, Windows 7 starts immediately.
I can connect any external USB hard disk to the pc without producing any delay during the boot.
I tried to change BIOS Setup to force it to boot only from the internal hard disk but without any positive effect.
Have you already encountered this phenomenon? I hope you can help me.
Thanks Dario

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Re: IOW40 V1.0.2 1R boot delay with UEFI bios

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We have not encountered this specific problem, but we have had bad experiences with Compaq BIOS and USB before. Likely the BIOS has some bug that leads it to try to control the IO-Warrior as some kind of input device, mouse or keyboard.

Is the IO-Warrior connected direct to a motherboard port? If so can you try to insert a hub? Sometimes that can help with this kind of problems.

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