Pure Data

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Pure Data

Post by goldhirsch »


i want to use the warrior with pure data. has anybody done this before and could tell me how to connect the device with the software?

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Re: Pure Data

Post by harrie »

hi forum!
i'm just replying this very old thread and bump it up, because i am stumbling on the same thing..

for a while now, i am trying to hook my iowarrior56 up with puredata, running on my OSX (10.4). i have no problems with reading the state of the pins
using the HID object in pd. but now i would like to reverse it (or: switching the pin-states on and off, controlled from pd to the iowarrior). but so far, i
didnt succeed with that at all.

i was wondering if there's an external written to access the iowarrior since the beginning of this thread?
or, perhaps someone wants to write this external (since i haven't got much programming skills)?

thanks in advance!

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