Problems with spammers / User deletion

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Problems with spammers / User deletion

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Recently we see a flood of spammers trying more or less successfully to enter our forum.

We are routinely removing up to a dozen spammers per day and every couple days someone manages to post a spam message, at least for a short time.

Unfortunately it is sometimes hard to tell if a new subscriber is a spammer or a regular user who picked an unfortunate nick name, home page, or just happens to have a suspect domain name for their email address. We see about 95% of the spam coming from Russian domains. This results in removal of most Russian user accounts if there is no real post from them within a few days.

We are sorry if this should cause trouble to anyone, we don't want to discriminate users from certain countires, but we have to make sure that our forum stays free of illegal or dubious content. So in the case that we should delete a real user please contact our webmaster.
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