SpinWarrior28 coming soon

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SpinWarrior28 coming soon

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A short status report from the lab: The first prototypes of the SpinWarrior28 family are up and running.

SpinWarrior28 will replace the obsolete SpinWarrior24 family. The SW28A3, SW28R4, SW28R6 are technically as close to the old chips as we can make them. Standard package types will be QFN28 chip and a DIL28 module. There will be a module to fit on the SOIC24 footprint of the old chips. Though the new ones run at 3.3 V, some additional circuits may be required for the transition.

The basic functionality of the chips will be the same as the chips they are replacing:
SW28A3 - 3 incremental encoders with index pulse, 16 bit absolute position, 6 switch inputs (not debounced)
SW28R4 - 4 incremental encoders, 8 bit relative movement, 7 switch inputs
SW28R6 - 6 incremental encoders, 8 bit relative movement, 3 switch inputs

On the positive side there will be significantly better performance. Right now the prototypes can handle up to 25 kHz of quadrature input signals (100k steps/sec) and that independent of the number of active channels. The SW28A3 will be able to handle even higher frequencies in the final version. For the relative variants the data format saturates at just above 30 kHz, so we not make those much faster than they already are.

So with the new SpinWarrior28 you can do serious position and motion tracking.

Samples will be available soon, please contact us if you want to get early access to the new chips.
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