Vendor Confusion

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Vendor Confusion

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So I am preparing my order for a JW24MOD-A8-8 board from Saelig:

However, they have this one, too, and this unit ends with an "S" suffix:

What is the difference, and I thought the JW24MOD-A8-8 was simply a ready-to-go board, and all I'd need to do is solder up the connections and plug it in. There exists some confusion. I have a hard time locating any reference to a "JW24MOD-A8-8-S" board. I would simply like to hook the thing up to my application. Please advise.

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Re: Vendor Confusion

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-S is the designation for an SMD part, this is just the chip, no board. Saelig is actually showing a wrong part number there.
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