Serial Numbers on JoyWarrior24GP32?

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Serial Numbers on JoyWarrior24GP32?

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I thought I had read on the website somewhere that all the JoyWarrior products had HID serial numbers, but I can not seem to find that now. I noticed in the datasheet for JoyWarrior24F it says "The JoyWarrior24F8/F14 has a unique serial number in its device descriptor." However I did not this this or any similar wording for the JoyWarrior24GP32. Does anyone know if this has serial numbers too?

I'm working on a project where I'm going to be building multiple joysticks that are all different types, but if JoyWarrior works for me I'll be using the same 24GP32 chip in all of them. However, I need a way to be able to tell what type of joystick is plugged in, and mapping serial numbers to types would allow me to do this for my custom software.
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Re: Serial Numbers on JoyWarrior24GP32?

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JoyWarrior24F are the only ones that have serial numbers. But if you need production volumes it would be possible to make a variant of the JW24GP32 that has a serial number.
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