JoyWarrior24GP32 is the best choice for a Xterminator?

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JoyWarrior24GP32 is the best choice for a Xterminator?

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Gravis Xterminator Digital Gamepad is simply the best gamepad ever created.

After the disappearance of Advanced Gravis Computer Technology, Ltd. as a company (thanks to Kensington Computer Products Group >_<) these gamepads don't have any support, and because this particular model uses "Digital" Gameport, it is now impossible to find a gameport-USB adapter that works with it.

After years of searching online, I found you and your chips :)

As I am not stupid, before to buy anything I want to know if any of their models is most appropriate to make an adapter for it.

Below I provide the main data of the Gamepad (here you can find more information concerning the Gamepad:
- 11 Buttons (7 at left, 2 in front, and 2 in bottom at the ring fingers height)
- An 8-way POV
- An analog stick (X1-X2/Y1-Y2 axis)
- An digital pad (U1-U2/V1-V2 axis)
- 2 analog Flippers (Z1-Z2 axis)
- An Throttle Switch (R1-R2 axis)

As you can see is a huge number of functions. Besides to be digital, also makes hundreds of "veteran hardcore gamers" that become crazy to find a way to connect it.

Do you think this chip would be ideal for this gamepad? Other from your catalog perhaps?
I really hope you can help me, and excuse me if this thread is too off-topic.

A greeting and thank you very much in advance ^_^
Guido Körber
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Re: JoyWarrior24GP32 is the best choice for a Xterminator?

Post by Guido Körber »

Fifteen switches, five analog axes, and a direction pad. This will not work with the JW32GP32 unless you sacrifice the analog functions. It wont work either with any of the other JoyWarrior chips since we have none that combines direction pad and analog functions. It would be necessary to use at least two JoyWarrior chips plus a USB hub to create basically two devices.
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