JW24F8-QCK software config and setup

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JW24F8-QCK software config and setup

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Can anyone provide instructions, step by step, for software setup, configuration, and operation of the
software in Windows? (As I want the unit for personal, local use -- to monitor structural vibrations/shocks in a building and record the shocks by date and time for later analysis and reporting -- I cannot join the Quake Catcher Network and thus avail myself of their assistance.) Unfortunately, I am neither a seismologist, gamer, nor programmer, so I need a step-by-step guide "for dummies".

(I have already connected the unit and see "Joystick" in my Game Controller window, and I have downloaded the JoyWarrior24F8 software and Seismograph 1.0.)

But now I'm stuck. If you can provide, or point me to, written instructions for getting the unit working, that would be a great help.

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