JoyWarrior28 available

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JoyWarrior28 available

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JoyWarrior28 chips are available immediately.

The formerly seven JoyWarrior24 chips have been replaced by just three variants that provide more than just a functional equivalent to the old chips. All of the capabilities of the old chips can be reproduced with the new chips but we added a bit more.
The migration path for JoyWarrior24 chips is as follows:

JW24GP32 -> JW28GP32
JW24A8-8 -> JW28A12L
JW24A8-16 -> JW28A12L
JW24A8L -> JW28A12L
JW24A10L -> JW28A12L
MW24J8 -> MW28H8L
MW24H8 -> MW28H8L

JoyWarrior24GP32 is superseded by JoyWarrior28GP32 which has all the capabilities of the old chip but adds a mouse emulation mode that can be switched on at any time. So it is now a joystick/mouse hybrid controller that offers cursor control via switches. We also added an /En output that allows to shut down external hardware when the USB goes into suspended mode. There will be a module that fits onto the SOIC24 footprint of the old chip and will work in many applications.

The formerly four analog JoyWarriors with 8 or 10 bit per axis are replaced by the JoyWarrior28A12L which has four axes with 12 bit resolution each and no longer needs an external A/D converter. It also has the four aux outputs like the JW24A8L/10L had. And it does report at 1000 Hz, so if you use it to interface some sensor you will get a lot more performance now.

The two hybrid controllers MouseWarrior24J8 and MouseWarrior24H8 are replaced by MouseWarrior28H8L. The "L" indicates that it now also sports the four auxiliary outputs. While it still uses 8 bit per axis it has gained a fourth axis for its joystick mode and it too does not need an external converter any more.

Further information can be found here:
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