KeyWarrior100 coming

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KeyWarrior100 coming

Beitrag von Guido Körber » Di Okt 22, 2019 9:44 pm

In November we will start shipping the KeyWarrior100. It does replace the end of life KeyWarrior chips of the KeyWarrior16, KeyWarrior20 and KeyWarrior Combo families.

This will conclude the generation change for the KeyWarrior family. The old lineup of 29 different chips will be replaced by only two. KeyWarrior28 did replace the KeyWarrior24 and KeyWarrior8 chips. Now KeyWarrior100 replaces the rest of the family.

A large matrix of 24 by 16 for a maximum of 384 keys, 240 macros with each up to 31 keys, and many more features set basically no limits to the keyboard design.

For more detailed please take a look at the product page where we will soon post the preliminary data sheet: