IO-Warrior28 Evaluation-Board now shipping!

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IO-Warrior28 Evaluation-Board now shipping!

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The evaluation board for the IO-Warrior28 is now available. It offers the full functionality of IO-Warrior28 with 19 I/O pins, 4 channel 12 bit A/D converter, fast I2C master (up to 1 MHz), and support for LCD modules. Following a different approach than with the older IO-Warrior starter kits it does not come as a large board with bread board area. Instead we chose a small form factor that fits on a DIL28 footprint 600 mil wide. By adding standard 100 mil headers it can be easily plugged into a bread board or integrated into a device as an I/O module. The 28 pins offer all 19 I/Os plus 5 V, 3.3 V, and ground.

The IO-Warrior28 Evaluation-Board contains the USB mini-B jack and all parts to operate the IO-Warrior28. No special drivers are necessary, IOW28 runs with system drivers. Sample code and libraries are available for MacOS and Windows, Linux coming soon.

IO-Warrior28 Evaluation-Board is available immediately. It may be ordered via our online store: ... board.html

More information on IO-Warrior28 Evaluation-Board can be found here: ... iow28-eval
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