KeyWarrior28-MOD now available

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KeyWarrior28-MOD now available

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KW28-MOD is a ready to use module using KeyWarrior28. It allows fast implementation of keyboards with up to 64 keys in a 8x8 matrix. This replaces KW24-8-MOD and KW24-8M-MOD.

Full programmability of the keyboard layout allows to put one keycode plus a modifier (i.e. Ctrl+C), one of 19 programmable macros, media or application control functions, or mouse functions on any key.

Only USB cable and keys need to be added. Lock LEDs (Num, Caps, Lock) can also be connected to the module.

Further information, data sheet and pricing can be found on the product page:
The KeyWarrior28 module is also available in our webshop, the price is 15.12 € plus VAT + shipping:
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