SpinWarrior28 shipping

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SpinWarrior28 shipping

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The new SpinWarrior28 family is available. Chips in QFN28 package are available immediately, modules are available for sampling.

At first glance not much has changed between SpinWarrior24 and SpinWarrior28. That is intentional to make the transition from the old chips as smooth as possible.

Though at a closer view you will find hat the SpinWarrior28 increases the performance significantly. SpinWarrior28R4 and SpinWarrior28R6 are now capable of tracking encoder frequencies up to 25 kHz resulting in up to 100,000 impulses per second. SpinWarrior28A3 can track a whopping 62.5 kHz encoder frequency which equals to 250,000 impulses per second, more than an order of magnitude more than its predecessor.

Data sheet and additional information can be found here:
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