LED-Warrior14 DALI initialisation

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LED-Warrior14 DALI initialisation

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I'm designing a DALI bus light control system for vertical farming.
I recently bought Codemercs' LED-Warrior14-02 Master controller modules because they are said to support all the DALI commands (not the first 32 commands like LED-Warrior09 do).
I use an ESP32 board, then an I2C-friendly logic level converter (because the ESPs are not 5V-tolerant), then the LED-Warrior14-02 module (to which my DALI lamps are connected).
I have no problem with broadcast commands and can turn on/off all the lamps or set them to a desired level.
However I have some problems implementing DALI network initialisation. To be more specific, I don't know where to look for the reply after sending a 0xA9 (COMPARE) command.
Do you have any libraries, code snippets or literature, explaining how to perform DALI network initialisation properly?

Thank you,
Alexander Shmonov
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Re: LED-Warrior14 DALI initialisation

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The LW14 is fine with a 3.3 V I2C and since it is the device and not the master this should work without a level shifter.

A LW14-02MOD should only be used when the complete circuit is powered off the DALI bus via the LW14-02MOD.

The DALI deployment is a somewhat complex process. We don't have complete sample code for this. The specifications for this are only available in the standard.

A device which is still in the selection after a Compare command will answer with a "Yes" = 0xFF.
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