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25 years Code Mercenaries

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Our founder, Guido Körber, had a question in 1998: "Why are most controllers for keyboard and mice custom designs and why do the few standard parts offer so few functions?". Also the transition to USB as the standard interface for input devices did require the manufacturers to offer their products in multiple variants.

MouseWarrior and KeyWarrior were a solution for this problem. Offered as standard off the shelf parts they included all relevant interfaces in a single chip. The manufacturer only had to connect the proper cable for each variant. So Code Mercenaries was founded in March 1998.

Driven by customer demand and more ideas additional product lines were created over the years. IO-Warrior for generic I/O, JoyWarrior for joystick applications, SpinWarrior for incremental encoders, and LED-Warrior for intelligent lighting.

The original chips from 1998 are now history. They have been replaced by designs that dropped the old interfaces like PS/2 and ADB and focused on USB. Today fewer variants cover more applications.

KeyWarrior II has only two variants that replace all the functionality of 29 predecessors and dozens of custom variants. More keys, more macros, more configuration options, and many new functions are offered by just two chip types.

Other product lines also replaced the old designs by new parts with more features. The JoyWarrior family has shrunken significantly but offers more functions than before. We integrated options into one chip that formerly were in different chips variants.

This is not the end of the journey, we are busy working on new products and new product lines. Stay tuned for more to come.

We want to say thank you for 25 years of cooperation with our customers, partners, and the community and we are looking forward to the next 25 years!
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