New JoyWarrior: JW28A12-32

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New JoyWarrior: JW28A12-32

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JoyWarrior28A12-32 is the newest USB joystick controller by Code Mercenaries. It is especially made for applications that need many buttons.

Up to 4 analog axes and 32 buttons can be connected to JoyWarrior28A12-32. A maximum of 12 buttons can be connected direct to individual pins, or up to 32 buttons can be arranged in a 4 x 8 matrix. The mode is selected via a pin.

12-bit resolution per axis, 16 times oversampling, and an internal two-stage digital filter provide 1000 sets of precise axis positions per second with minimal noise and jitter.

The extended temperature range of -40 to +85°C allows to use the JoyWarrior28A12-32 in harsh industrial conditions.

JoyWarrior28A12-32 is supported by all major platforms. No special drivers need to be installed. The system drivers do handle the JoyWarrior28A12-32, and access to the data is possible via the platform specific API for game controllers.

JoyWarrior28A12-32 is available immediately as a QFN28 chip, DIL28 module, or ready to run module.
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