Let's make a keyboard

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Let's make a keyboard

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You need a special keyboard with just a couple keys? No problem, with KeyWarrior28-MOD even single units can be made quickly.

Select the key matrix you want to use, or build one. Then get a KeyWarrior28-MOD and connect them.

Make sure you have the proper pinout of the key matrix, so you know where the X and Y lines are. Connect the key matrix to the X and Y connections on the KeyWarrior28-MOD. No additional parts required.

The pinout of the KeyWarrior28-MOD can be found in the XW28-Datasheet
IMG_2022.JPG (226.43 KiB) Viewed 28392 times
Then connect a USB cable to the KeyWarrior28-MOD. The wires in a USB cable have a standard color code:
Red - 5 V
Black - GND
Green - D+
White - D-

When you are done, connect the keyboard and download the KW28-Editor to program the functions for your keys.
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